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The CBHC team are proud to support the charity Mind. One of our team members, Penny, is a champion for mental health awareness.

We therefore wanted to dig deeper and do a Q&A with her about her experiences working at CBHC.

We asked, “How have you found working at CBHC, especially with regards to mental health support for the team?”

Penny said, “Since starting with CBHC, I’ve been blown away by the support and wellbeing opportunities offered here for all our employees. It has come as a breath of fresh air to be part of a company that not only supports such a worthwhile charity like Mind but also actively considers and promotes mental health in the workplace.”

We asked, “What does CBHC do to encourage mental health awareness and to support their team members?”

Penny said, “With hybrid working now the norm at CBHC, our monthly wellbeing sessions encourage us to be in the office together, whilst also taking part in fun activities, trying new experiences and raising mental health awareness.”

We asked, “What does this do for the team?”

Penny said, “This has had the positive effects of boosting morale, improving the working environment and helping employees feel they are a valued part of the team.”

Finally, we asked, “What are some of the activities you and the team have tried?”

Penny replied, “Some of the activities we’ve tried so far include a Chocolate Workshop, Human Bingo and even Plant Speed Dating! This month we will be encouraging healthy eating whilst at work and having an office picnic together!”