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We offer the full range of Accountancy Services, such as Year end accounts, Management accounts, Back office support, Forecasting and budgeting and Company secretarial services. For more info see below:

Year end accounts

We process your files promptly after your year end, and present them in a graphic format along with an industry-specific trend analysis. All our clients, large or small, receive current and meaningful performance data that actively supports informed decision making.

Management accounts

Similar to statutory accounts, but not created at the year end, management accounts give a picture of a company’s up-to-date financial position. The report can help you plan ahead or compare your business’s actual performance against your budget, as well as informing forecasts.

Back office support

We can take care of bookkeeping, payroll, records maintenance, purchase and sales ledger, tax and VAT compliance, training on accounting software, accounting staff recruitment.

Forecasting and budgeting

Accurate and reliable forecasts are essential for driving business growth. In addition to protecting cash flow, this information facilitates strategic planning and provides an invaluable insight into your company’s potential to important third parties such as banks and other stakeholders. At CBHC, we utilise some of the most advanced planning tools available to help you plan for the future.

Company secretarial services

Proficient in company law, custodian of shareholders’ interests, responsible to filing accounts on time, and recipient of all important documents from Companies House, the Company Secretary’s role is a challenging one – so it could be beneficial for you to outsource this role. We have an expert team dedicated to providing this service in a fast, efficient manner.

Whatever business you are in, let us show you how our systems can work for you.