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Business Advisory Services

Maximise Potential

Our Business Advisory (BA) service looks at the challenges you are facing in your business and helps you to resolve them. By looking at the details, and maintaining a constant understanding of your vision and aspirations for your business, we provide a holistic service. For more details on what our BA service can do for your business please read on...

Experienced Team

Thanks to many years of commercial experience, gained across many sectors, our consultants can bring a wealth of expertise to your boardroom table, providing an objective viewpoint to enhance decision making.

Mergers and Acquisitions

If you are considering a merger or acquisition, we can support you throughout the process, including managing the valuation, acquisition strategy, target identification, funding, negotiations, deal structure, due diligence, tax consultancy and transaction process to achieve your business goals. We can also assist with any finance raising that could be necessary in order to bring your plans to fruition.

Management Buy Outs and Buy Ins

MBOs and MBIs can create significant wealth for those entering and exiting a company, and they also provide an opportunity to retain expertise, incentivise staff and restructure an organisation. We will work alongside you to project manage every stage and advise on strategy, deal structure, valuation, funding and tax planning to ensure a smooth handover and successful completion.

Employee Motivation

As well as advising on development and efficiency measures, we can also help you to protect one of your most precious resources - your people. By giving valuable staff a vested interest in the success of the business, either through an approved or unapproved scheme, you can retain talent and at the same time promote innovation, service and growth.

Exit and Succession Planning

What you ultimately want from your business should be factored into your business strategy. Is it your pension or your legacy? Is it the key to a certain lifestyle or a springboard to greater things? We will help you devise a comprehensive exit strategy that gives you peace of mind for the future.


Company structures often develop organically over time, and so may not be conducive to the aims or objectives of your business. We can help you to restructure your business in line with your strategy - this could be for tax reasons, perhaps, or because you want to start a new division, or are planning to make an acquisition or dispose of part of your business.

Some of our Outsourced Finance Team (OFT) services naturally cross over with our BA services, see which service best fits the needs of your business today – check out our OFT service page here…

Whatever business you are in, let us show you how our systems can work for you.