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An Outsourced Finance Team (OFT) is a perfect solution for a business without an in-house Finance Team or Finance Director, or, where there is an in-house Finance Team that needs additional support or specific types of expertise. Our OFT service is a holistic service, see some of the ways in which we can develop your business below…

Forecasting and Budgeting

Accurate and reliable forecasts are essential for driving business growth. In addition to protecting cash flow, this information facilitates strategic planning and provides an invaluable insight into your company’s potential internally as well as to important third parties such as banks and other stakeholders.

Strategic Planning

This is another crucial area where your accountant can support you. We employ the diagnostic tools and systems used by some of the world’s most successful companies to help you focus on the true performance indicators underpinning your business, helping you to plan for a more successful future.

Market Intelligence

We can provide intelligence on your market, competition, suppliers and customers – including details on finances, ownership structures, filing histories, mortgages and news stories – as well as industry reports which contain information on key players, trends and prospects. In short, we can help you gain a competitive edge; after all, knowledge is indeed power.


In addition to providing current market research, we can independently assess your performance in the market on the basis of sector and/or area, size and turnover. This shows you how you are doing in comparison to other businesses in your market, enabling you to identify areas for improvement. 


Working capital offers the freedom to make strategic decisions, so if it’s an injection of cash that your business needs to take the next step, then we can advise on a broad range of finance options. We can also help with finance required for a variety of reasons – maybe to aid cashflow or an acquisition, an MBO/MBI, or the purchase of an asset, amongst others.


Some of our Business Advisory (BA) services naturally cross over with our OFT services, see which service best fits the needs of your business today – check out our BA service page here…

To find out more about our corporate finance services call us on 01245 495 588