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What is an Outsourced Finance Team?

An Outsourced Finance Team (OFT) is a perfect solution for a business without an in-house finance team or Finance Director, or, where there is an in-house Finance Team that needs additional support or specific types of expertise. This is often the case if the business is in its growth phase.

Having an OFT delivers the required expertise while not having the costs of hiring all the experts your business needs full-time. An OFT is ongoing but flexible, depending on what work you need to do. This is one of the significant advantages of an OFT – you can choose the level of service based on how much you need, making it efficient.

At the lighter end, you could be using our experts to top and tail what your finance team already does. For example, sorting out all areas of compliance, getting an outside viewpoint on your numbers, or gaining access to a very niche expert in a certain field like specialist tax.

At the more involved end, our OFT can do everything that would normally be covered by an internal finance team.

Why choose to have an OFT?

An OFT offers the best of both worlds: affordability and expertise. CBHC knows how to sort all areas of compliance and run the finances of your business as we have worked alongside developing companies, SMEs and larger companies for years. It’s a matter of discussing your requirements with us. With an open relationship, we can provide the highest quality of service.

Our OFT service

Our OFT service assists growing businesses with the financial expertise they need, helping leaders worry less about finances so they have more energy to build thriving businesses. It provides high-level expertise that is invaluable in solving financial issues efficiently and effectively.

Why choose us?

CBHC has years of experience helping many companies to grow their business across all facets of Financial and Business Planning, Finance Team work, Compliance, Accounting, Tax and Audit.

On top of this, if specific niche expertise is required, we have experience working alongside other experts, either those you are currently working with or ones we source, to provide you with the best service. For example, we can work closely with your existing Bookkeeper, Credit Control Company or Auditor. This will help ensure your Management Information aligns with the needs of your growing business and leadership team.

Choosing CBHC as your OFT has the advantage of being able to call on situation-specific skill sets. For example, you may require more expert assistance in tax one month and then need to source a boost in working capital the next month.

We make sure all areas of compliance, including company and tax, are sorted so you don’t need to worry about those aspects of running your company. We use forecasting tools to monitor business progress and compare plans against actual outcomes. This provides great insight into the effectiveness of your implemented strategies. It can provide valuable confidence in ongoing strategic decision-making or, conversely, highlight if a path is not the right one.

We are proud of the relationships we build with our clients. The CBHC OFT team will spend time with you to understand your vision for your business and provide advice on how to best achieve this. Also, we can advise on the best way to maximise business valuation if you decide to exit the business. Or, we can provide input on strategic scenario planning, succession planning and many other tools to achieve optimisation for you and your business.

What exactly would be the CBHC role as your OFT?

Our role would primarily be to support you and your Senior Management Team to ensure you and your business are fully compliant, and that there is accurate data to make sound commercial decisions, supported by both historic and forecast information. We would be there to allow you to be more confident in your decision-making, giving you the statistical edge for success.

In summary, the main benefits of the OFT service from CBHC:

1) You have confidence that all your finance work is effectively joined up – including compliance, accounts, management information and business strategy.
2) You get the service you need at an affordable investment level.
3) You get a swifter onboarding process.
4) Our expertise allows you to tap into the right experts at the right time e.g. Specialist Tax, Detailed Exit Planning, Increasing Company Value, etc.

Contact us for an informal conversation to see if an OFT service is right for you and your business.