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On 1st October, we hosted a ‘Leveraging Technology to Drive Business Success,’ event at Timber Lodge Cafe, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford. Over 40 business owners attended the event which provided expert insights and practical guidance on the latest business technology that is enabling businesses to gain a competitive advantage and become more responsive to the ever increasing demands of a competitive marketplace.The seminar featured presentations from two recognised leaders in business technology, both with proven track records of facilitating business success;

Andrew Collings from Xero, leaders in online accounting software, presented some of the platforms unique features that are enabling business owners to gain better financial control, including; the dashboard where bank balances, invoices, bills and expense claims can be viewed at the same time; online invoicing software that enables scheduled bill payments and professional recurring invoices; and automatically tracked payments, returns and credits that reduce manual labour and increase productivity.

Iskren Kulev of iZettle, an innovative card payment and point of sale software solution for small businesses, gave an excellent presentation on how these payment services and apps are helping businesses to gain a competitive edge. He demonstrated how both card and cash payments can be taken using a smartphone or tablet; how products can be added into the app and organised in folders to speed up payments and easily track sales; and how the software provides the flexibility to give customers receipt via email or print.

Gary White, Business Development Director at CBHC, also took to the floor to present some useful software packages that are driving business success, including Evernote; a versatile document storage solution that not only enables you to keep the physical and digital details of a project with you at any time, but also facilitates collaboration by enabling you to share information in real-time; Market IQ; a brilliant piece of software for collecting business intelligence, whose reports can be obtained by companies for free, via CBHC; and Chaser; an automated credit control system which links in with Xero and sends emails reminders regarding unpaid invoices automatically so you can have confidence in your cashflow and spend less time chasing invoices.

Gary said, “At CBHC, we pride ourselves on going beyond the traditional accountancy remit to provide business owners with access to the latest innovative strategies that drive success. We believe that it is critical for today’s businesses to adapt quickly to new advances in business technology and to determine how they can utilise these innovative solutions to simplify business processes, streamline business operations, provide a better customer experience and importantly generate increased sales and growth.”

“The seminar provided the perfect platform for knowledge sharing and learning best practice from technology experts who are providing business owners with the tools to drive their business forward. We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from attendees who were able to gain a good understanding of how these technologies can be implemented in their business to overcome their own real-world challenges.”

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