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Electric company car benefits: will you make the switch?

04/03/2021 in Company News, News, Industry News, Your Business, Your Money

The Government Budget: key insights from CBHC

The government budget for 2021 has been announced, and it emphasised just how unprecedented, yet transformative, the past year has been. The chancellor revealed some…
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06/04/2020 in Company News, Industry News, Small Business Guides

Client Stories: a business growth story with Spartan Race UK

Spartan Race UK have been a CBHC client for around 3 years. Over that time CBHC has provided varying degrees of support, seeing them expand…
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22/03/2020 in Advice, Industry News

CBHC Government Budget takebacks for personal and business finance

These are our key take backs for personal and business finances, and how they may be connected to our government’s strategy in the face of…
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18/03/2020 in Advice, Company News, Industry News, Small Business Guides, Your Business, Your Money

Covid 19: Cash flow management in a market down turn

Cash flow management is an important part of running any business. But it is especially important for small-medium size businesses where the goal is to…
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