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IT & Telecoms

In such a fast paced and demanding industry, staying ahead in the IT and telecoms industries requires a firm focus - both on current costs and the next big thing. Successful firms are those which can balance innovation with competitive pricing and impeccable service - no mean feat when you're responsible f or business-critical systems.

We have considerable experience of working with companies in these sectors, and we understand the challenges and opportunities you face. Whether your business goals involve stability or growth, we can provide a comprehensive financial management service that goes beyond number crunching.

As a CBHC customer, you can expect to have detailed accounts delivered as soon as they're processed, not months later when the data is largely irrelevant. We have expert consultants in all areas of accounting and finance, including tax planning, corporate finance, and wealth management, so you can be assured of a fully integrated and forward-thinking approach.

  • Cash flow management
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Cross border finance
  • Credit analysis
  • Securing funding
  • Risk analysis
  • Capital Allowance reviews