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All businesses must ensure the products they put on the market are safe but if a safety issue is later identified a planned course of action is critical.

The new government-backed video, PAS7100 Supporting better product recalls, explains how the Code of Practice on Consumer Product Safety Related Recalls and other Corrective Actions can help.

See the video here: PAS7100 Supporting better product recalls

The Code sets out the responsibilities and role of Market Surveillance Authorities, and provides practical guidance to help ensure businesses can act promptly to protect public safety should a consumer product be found to be unsafe.

Part 1 of the Code sets out practical guidance on:

  • monitoring product safety and traceability

  • product safety incident plans

  • managing a recall or corrective action situation

Part 2 of the Code provides guidance on the role of Market Surveillance Authorities in supporting businesses to meet the code requirements. It helps businesses monitor the safety of products and put a product safety incident plan in place, so they are prepared to deal with any product safety incident that arises.

The Code also provides practical guidance for businesses on managing an incident because it is vital businesses act promptly if a potential product safety issue arises. Advance planning makes it far easier to manage any product safety incident that might occur efficiently and effectively.

You can obtain a copy of the Code from the British Standards Institution (BSI), which also hosts the video.

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