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 Leading experts from a range of business
disciplines form ‘Business Growth Hub’ to provide advice on best practice and
mentorship to local entrepreneurs

Whether you’re a newly launched start-up at the beginning of
your journey or a well-established business looking to expand your market
presence, accessing the right support and expertise – across each of the key
areas of your business – will have a significant impact on your long-term
success and serve to maximise profitability and growth.

That’s why CBHC Chartered Accountants, New London Road, have
formed a ‘Business Growth Hub’ consisting of leading advisors, investors and
service providers, from various business disciplines, to launch an ‘Entrepreneurs
Academy.’  It aims to provide expert
insights on best practice and the mentorship local entrepreneurs need to ensure
their businesses optimise their capabilities, gain a competitive advantage in
the marketplace and achieve rapid business growth.

Gary White, Business Development Director at CBHC, said, “As Financial Directors,
our focus is not on recording the past but on taking our clients on a journey
into the future – we work with entrepreneurs to identify what they want to
achieve with their business and their life and then help them to develop a
clear strategy to deliver those goals. A core element of this process is
identifying the key areas of the business that require focused attention and
improvement to achieve their desired outcome.”

“While entrepreneurs are often highly skilled in their area of
specialism, to grow profitably in the current market place they need to master
several key areas and this is where the right advice and guidance can really
strengthen their business’s capabilities and help them achieve ambitious
targets in a much shorter timeframe than if they were to go it alone.”

“We recognised that forming a ‘Business Growth
Hub’ was not only a natural extension to the service we already offer but would
also serve to plug an important gap in the market. The idea is to provide both
clients and local businesses with access to a strong network of strategic
partners that have been carefully selected based on their expertise,
experience and proven track record of running a successful business and who can
individually and collectively support them in addressing the growth issues they
face today,” added Gary.

‘Business Growth Hub’ will consist of monthly meetings in which strategic partners
will deliver expert insights on specific business related topics ranging from
business growth, coaching and management development to sales and marketing
strategies, IT solutions and purchasing and procurement. As well as providing
guidance on best practice, the aim is to facilitate discussion and the sharing
of real-world challenges and solutions.

part of their ‘Business Growth Hub’ membership, entrepreneurs will also benefit
from CBHC’s outsourced financial director services and will receive a full
business M.O.T that includes establishing their business goals; identifying their
key profit drivers; setting targets; and developing an improvement action plan
to measure future performance.

are also expected to contribute towards driving their own success by committing
to taking action within their business between meetings and providing feedback
on performance on a monthly basis.

are fortunate at CBHC to have built a strong network of strategic partners who
have established themselves as leaders within their respective fields and are
willing to share their wealth of knowledge and experience to help other
entrepreneurs build better businesses and brighter futures.”

an example, one of our strategic partners has successfully built a
multi-million pound import business in a matter of years and now has key
contacts for the best manufacturers in China within a diverse range of
industries. For an entrepreneur looking to get in to this line of business, this
information is priceless – not only will it save them years of researching and
developing the right contacts, but the knowledge of best practice and
mentorship will help accelerate their business growth rapidly,” said Gary.

more information, on CBHC’s Business Growth Hub, please contact Gary White:

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