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Policy Updates

  • Getting the green pound
    Can going green help you obtain new business as well as reduce your energy bills? We think it can You may think that buying decisions are never based on ‘green' matters - especially in a recession, when price is often considered a much more persuasive factor - but in fact this isn't quite accurate, at least, not any more...
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  • No sex please
    Without Life or Critical Illness cover or reviewing your existing cover? It's best to apply now, and beat the premium-increase deadline created by the EU Gender Directive...
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  • A budget for business
    The Chancellor had promised to deliver a budget ‘backing business', and for the most part he has done so, since the measures announced have certainly favoured business rather than pleasure...
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  • Are things as bad as the media lead us to believe?
    Happy New Year! Hopefully you've had a well-deserved Christmas break and have come back to work raring to go...
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  • HMRC to increase number of tax enquiries
    The current state of the UK economy has put significant pressure on HMRC to recover additional tax revenue in order to help them meet the growing deficit in the economy...
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  • A Budget for Business?
    Essex accountants CBHC deliver an analysis of what the Growth & Innovation Budget means for SMEs If George Osborne's words are to be believed, then this Budget is all about supporting enterprise, kick-starting Britain's economy through the private sector and assisting the ‘unsung heroes' of the British economy - SMEs...
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  • OBR forecasts better times ahead
    Even taken with a pinch of salt, the Office for Budget Responsibility's latest economic forecast should bring hope: the economy is growing, more jobs are being created and the deficit is falling...
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  • What the Comprehensive Spending Review means for SMEs
    Dubbed ‘Black Wednesday' by some of the more colourful press, the Comprehensive Spending Review had the nation primed for bad news...
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  • The Emergency Budget
    No-one expected to benefit from the emergency budget - the only question is, how bad was it? We've analysed the final report and crunched the numbers to give you a summary of the key points that affect business...
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  • Forward thinking
    Before the General Election, business leaders agreed that a hung parliament would be the most damaging outcome...
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  • The business vote
    It's no surprise that policies intended to facilitate economic recovery have become the big guns of the main parties' election manifestos, or that in each case the promised measures have had their supporters and their critics - but with the election almost upon us, which outcomes are emerging as the most likely, and what does this mean for SMEs? Of course, deciding which political party will be best for business is never as simple as comparing the different manifestos like for like - it's not exactly in the parties' interests for them to state their pledges in unequivocal terms...
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  • Funding and investment opportunities
    The creation of new funding streams and the continuance of existing ones was one of the most promising aspects of the PBR...
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  • Other important developments
    In addition to funding and tax, the PBR contained several initiatives and restrictions that are less well-known but will have direct consequences for SMEs, especially those who have experienced mixed fortunes, rely on trade credit insurance or are suffering temporary cash flow difficulties...
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  • Special report on the Pre-Budget Report
    Since its unveiling the Pre-Budget Report (PBR) has attracted no end of media criticism and speculation over its motives and likelihood of success - but what does it actually mean for small and medium sized companies? In our opinion the PBR offers a number of opportunities for SMEs, particularly in the six month window before the final budget is published...
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