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Exit Planning

  • Employee share schemes
    Have you considered setting up employee share schemes as there are some very tax effective ones around these days? You can even grant options to key employees of up to £250,000 per employee...
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  • How saleable is your business?
    Every business should be built and run so that ultimately it works and functions without the full involvement of its owners...
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  • Plugged into the Network
    At CBHC we've always been ahead of the game when it comes to proactive business advisory services, and now we've strengthened our Corporate Finance offering even further by joining the Corporate Finance Network (CFN)...
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  • Sale of the century
    Unless you're a serial (and highly successful) entrepreneur, chances are you won't have been through the process of selling a business before - so we thought some useful advice might be in order...
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  • Top tips on estate planning
    Make sure your business assets can be passed down without incurring significant taxes: Where there's a will...
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  • Keep it in the family
    One of the biggest challenges for family businesses is choosing how to pass the company onto the next generation, balancing the needs of the individuals involved as well as the company's interests...
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  • Enhanced Capital Allowances
    In a bid to encourage increased use of renewable energy, the government has introduced a variety of financial incentives to businesses, including Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) for certain green technology investments...
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  • Target practice
    Goals are good, right? Well, not if you're setting the wrong ones, since chasing after short-term targets can mean you're completely missing opportunities to grow your business...
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  • Selling your business: The guide to making a grand exit
    Selling your business is usually a one-off event...
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